Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Sweet Honey Bee

     Spring welcomes renewed life, blossoming flowers, and the busy bees that make it all happen. In many cultures, bees inspire hope and exemplify diligence.Some cultures believe that bees originated from paradise. Their strength and determination in producing golden honey is viewed as inspirational to many people.
     The poets and singers of old were said to have been touched by ‘the spirit of the skilled bee’. It was believed that the gods sent bees to the lips of those whom they inspired, or touched their mouths with honey. Plato, Virgil and Sophocles had their lips touched with honey as babies. The bee seems to be a symbol of the original source of existence and motivation.

DE15936 Victorian Bee Brooch set in Gold
with Diamonds, Garnet, and Enamel.
      During Victorian times, bees were incorporated in many jewelry items to symbolize inspiration and love. The physical attributes of the bee parallel the strength and determination of lovers overcoming obstacles. The sweetness of its honey mirrors mankind’s capacity to see goodness after moments of unpleasantness. The busy bees work tirelessly during their lifetime to provide for their family while leaving flourishing life behind them. Is there a better symbol to give as a gift of love and inspiration?

DE14729 Diamond and Enamel Gold Bee
Brooch with open wings.

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